Matt, Faculties at the Boston Conservatory and Boston University

"Zach is an excellent musician, an engaging song-leader, and an intuitive educator.  His fantastic work has added to our community significantly.  His peers view him as a role model, the younger children in our programs look up to him, and the adults both appreciate his musical contributions and are grateful for his leadership with the students.  The growth Zach has achieved as song-leader and musician shows great promise for his future.  He is a well-rounded, curious musician, and a charismatic leader and teacher, and any group would be lucky to have him work with them."

Brett, Associate Director at North Shore Initiative

"Zach's passion for music and community shines through in every aspect of his work. He leads by example, and has helped to build new and innovative programs and culture on both local and regional levels, and has transformed the way that Jewish youth and teens connect to song. Zach's creativity, humor and commitment are only a few examples why Zach is a phenomenal partner. It has been an honor working with Zach for many years, and I am excited to see the significant impact he will continue to have as he continues his journey."

Leah, NFTY Northeast Regional Director of Youth Engagement

"Zach has been a tremendous addition to the leadership of our region. He is a skilled musician who is passionate about leading others, and brings creativity and joy to everything he does. I know I can count on him to lead services and song sessions, but beyond that he consistently engages his peers in these experiences and encourages others to take on leadership roles alongside him.”

Rabbi Josh, Temple Beth Elohim

"Zach takes Jewish music to unexplored heights through both his musicianship and songleading. Throughout his work here at Temple Beth Elohim, Zach has enriched our musical program as well as our services with creativity, strong interpersonal relationships, and a love for Jewish music. Zach is more than just a musical prodigy, he is a musical presence that can transform a room and enliven Jewish experiences."

Rabbi Gabby, Congregation Ohel Avraham-Leo Baeck, Haifa, Israel

"As an Israeli Reform Rabbi, It is always a struggle to find talented musicians that will encapsulate the spirit of the Israeli Synagogue, especially if you come from another culture. That is until we had the privilege of hosting Zach at our Synagogue and co-lead our Friday night services. He immediately understood the spirit of the place and with light fingers, and absolute understanding of what we needed, he gave all of us one of the most spiritual and uplifting musical experiences we had in a long time. It is remarkable to see how such a young man can grasp the depth of spirituality, in an unknown culture and lead a large crowd in music and connecting to one another. The first opportunity we will have to bring Zach back to our sanctuary - we will do! Thank you for listening, leading and providing us with the opportunity to learn from you during the two-week visit and especially during the moments of joy and music. You are a true leader and an outstanding musician!"



Nathan, guitar student in the 2nd grade
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